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    Dear Student,

    Firstly, welcome to WeTeach-IT. I have been using PCs and helping people get the most out of technology for over 30 years now. In all this time one thing is clear: I’ve always enjoyed passing my knowledge on to those that need it.

    In 2013 I joined forces with a qualified teacher and launched WeTeach-IT. Our vision: to provide quality and affordable courses to those that use PC’s but not to their fullest capability or potential. It’s my hope that WeTeach-IT will bring unique courses to help people with the various aspects of computers.

    The courses we offer cater to students of all skill levels from beginner to expert and are conducted in live and interactive Virtual Classrooms. The idea is to bring your education to you in your own home or office without the hassle of travel. At the same time we reduce our overheads and it makes our course delivery more cost-effective. It’s great for both our pockets.

    Our first course is General PC Maintenance: 10 steps on how to speed up your machine . These are techniques I have used and currently use during my time as a technician.

    At WeTeach-it we constantly strive to better the content of our courses, so feedback is always greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, or would like to make a suggestion for a course, please drop us a note either on our forums or via our contact us form

    Again, thank you for your interest in WeTeach-IT and we hope to continue to assist with your learning needs.

    Kind Regards

    Malcolm McMillan
    Managing Director
    WeTeach-IT Limited


    "I recently participated in one of Hannah's 1 hour on-line workshops entitled '10 steps to improve your computer speed'.

    I am not particularly computer savvy but I had noticed that my computer had been gradually getting slower and slower over time.

    At this stage, I have only implemented some of the tips Hannah gave but I must say that even by doing that, the speed of my computer has improved markedly.

    I had also been having problems with 'Outlook Express' but Hannah's 'tips' also seem to have solved those problems as well.

    All in all, I believe the hour I spent on-line with Hannah was money well spent. Although I am not a complete tech 'Dummy', I would recommend Hannah to you if you are like me and are not a computer 'whiz'."

    - Paul Markham, Auckland, New Zealand

    "Working in a big office where the IT department is only a phone call away, I hardly gave a thought to internet security and PC maintenance. As long as it worked I was happy. If it didn't work I simply called IT. It didn't matter that I knew very little about how everything worked 'under the hood'.

    Now that I run my own business, I am responsible for ensuring my computer is reliable and efficient and fortunately, after nearly four years working from a home office, I have not had too many problems. But there's been that niggle in the back of my mind "what if it all goes horribly wrong?". When I heard about the PC Maintenance programme offered by WeTeach IT, I jumped at the chance and am extremely pleased I did.

    The training is quick and easy to follow, giving simple tips about the important things to remember to ensure my PC is running smoothly. Nothing too technical, and nothing too time consuming. Just a check list of things we can and should each do ourselves to ensure our laptops are well maintained, security is reliable and everything is running smoothly. The trainer made things very clear and went at a pace which was easy to follow.

    Because there was only a small group of people on the webinar, we each got a chance to ask specific questions about our set up. It was very personalised which gave me real peace of mind.

    I highly recommend it to anyone working from a home office, especially those who used to rely on the IT help desk at work and now they are out on their own."

    - Jo Patterson, Auckland, New Zealand