"I found the program helpful. It was geared more toward windows 7 and 8 that xp but made me have to find simililar in xp which is not a bad thing. Did everything suggested and my old computer is running better.

Hannah was extremely good, very clear directions, and gave plenty of time for our responses.

I wish you heaps of success in the future and will be recommending it to people I know."

- Joan Kirk, Auckland, New Zealand

“The PC Maintenance course gave me some good information on things I can readily do to optimise the performance of my computer. It was at a pace that I could take it in, and being able to ask questions as we went was helpful. At the end I received notes of what was covered by email, so I now have those notes to refer to."

- Colin Andserson, Auckland, New Zealand

“Thanks for the excellent course Hannah; very easy to follow and some great tips which will be very useful. The interactive technology worked without a hitch and the delivery was very effective, I could talk to you as easily as if we were in the same room”.

- John Bell, Hastings New Zealand

"It was really a pleasure to join the online class on PC Maintenance. Though I have been using the computer for many years now, I did not know a lot about maintaining it to perform at maximum/optimum speed. The first thing I did after class was to remove programs from desk top and put short cuts! Your class was very helpful; easy to follow and you explained the answers in a way that I can understand. Thank you for the notes and support."

- Mallika Chandra Mohan, Auckland, New Zealand

"I really enjoyed the PC maintenance course and found it very useful. The information was presented in a way which was easy to follow and to understand. Also the opportunity to ask questions along the way was very helpful. I have put into place the things I learnt during the course and have had great results."

- Staci McLean, Auckland, New Zealand

"I recently participated in one of Hannah's 1 hour on-line workshops entitled '10 steps to improve your computer speed'.

I am not particularly computer savvy but I had noticed that my computer had been gradually getting slower and slower over time.

At this stage, I have only implemented some of the tips Hannah gave but I must say that even by doing that, the speed of my computer has improved markedly.

I had also been having problems with 'Outlook Express' but Hannah's 'tips' also seem to have solved those problems as well.

All in all, I believe the hour I spent on-line with Hannah was money well spent. Although I am not a complete tech 'Dummy', I would recommend Hannah to you if you are like me and are not a computer 'whiz'."

- Paul Markham, Auckland, New Zealand

"This course was excellent. I learned some new technical aspects about my computer as well as reconfirming some of the things which I already knew. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a computer."

- Lenny Sakofsky, Wellington, New Zealand

"The training webinar was ‘audio-visual and instructional’ and for a user like myself who’s had the privilege of having techies on site to fix my problems, I never realised the extent of my lack of understanding how my computer works. So if you’re like me in your 50s and tired of taking your lap-top in for servicing every time it slows up, this is a very worthwhile training webinar that will give you confidence and control towards maintaining the health of your PC computer."

- Hone Edwards, Auckland, New Zealand

"Although I hadn't participated in a webinar before I thought it would be a practical way to learn some important computer maintenance tasks that I never seem to find time to research. It was a straight forward process to join the course and a comfort to have the opportunity to ask questions via speaking over the microphone or messaging if the sound quality was poor. I felt at ease with Hannah's welcoming narration throughout the presentation where she checked regularly to see if everyone was keeping up and the small size of the group made it personal and friendly. Having a set of notes to print off following the end of the course has been a great reference. If you need some help with computing, I would recommend trying one of these courses no matter what level of computer user you are."

- Ingrid Nielsen, North Canterbury, New Zealand

“I found the Course “PC maintenance, How to Make Your PC Go Faster” training good for me as it allowed me to complete the training in my own time and space. The training was comprehensive, simple and understandable to me as someone with no training in PC maintenance, who usually just pays someone to take care of my PC. I knew 6/10 of the ways, but was happy to have my knowledge confirmed and learn a couple of others as well. I would recommend the training for others who want simple easy ways to maintain their PC themselves.”

- Delaraine Armstrong, Whangarei, New Zealand

"Working in a big office where the IT department is only a phone call away, I hardly gave a thought to internet security and PC maintenance. As long as it worked I was happy. If it didn't work I simply called IT. It didn't matter that I knew very little about how everything worked 'under the hood'.

Now that I run my own business, I am responsible for ensuring my computer is reliable and efficient and fortunately, after nearly four years working from a home office, I have not had too many problems. But there's been that niggle in the back of my mind "what if it all goes horribly wrong?". When I heard about the PC Maintenance programme offered by WeTeach IT, I jumped at the chance and am extremely pleased I did.

The training is quick and easy to follow, giving simple tips about the important things to remember to ensure my PC is running smoothly. Nothing too technical, and nothing too time consuming. Just a check list of things we can and should each do ourselves to ensure our laptops are well maintained, security is reliable and everything is running smoothly. The trainer made things very clear and went at a pace which was easy to follow.

Because there was only a small group of people on the webinar, we each got a chance to ask specific questions about our set up. It was very personalised which gave me real peace of mind.

I highly recommend it to anyone working from a home office, especially those who used to rely on the IT help desk at work and now they are out on their own."

- Jo Patterson, Auckland, New Zealand

“I recently undertook the lesson on PC Maintenance. This has always been a mystery to me and I didn’t realize how slow my computer was. Now I feel fully in control in this area and cannot believe how much quicker my computer is. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and would recommend it to others. All the best for the future.”

- Brenda, Napier, New Zealand

“Thank you for a thorough lesson on how to speed up your computer. It was very useful to learn the things we do daily which are slowing down the computer; and the little things we do to speed it up. Special thanks to Hannah, the lecture was interactive and you have answered all my weird questions.”

- Glen Liu, Auckland New Zealand

"Thanks for the PC maintenance webinar. I found the training to be very well delivered in a clear and concise manner & easy to understand. Hannah was friendly and easy to approach. The notes are well organised, easy to understand and don’t use jargon. Everyone who owns a PC should attend!"

- Karen Temple, Franklin, New Zealand

“I enjoyed the tutorial. I knew a lot of it but it was useful to understand why. I was already doing most things but did learn a couple of new tricks. It was well worth doing the course.”

- Jill Kerr, Auckland, New Zealand

"I enjoyed our session today. The technololgy all worked very smoothly. What a good way to learn. Did what you said and Bingo! My computer is going faster. Great result. Thanks again."

- Suzanne Kendrick, Auckland, New Zealand

"The WeTeach-IT PC Maintenance course is a fairly straight-forward but comprehensive course on how to keep your PC ticking along nicely. I've yet to implement all the suggestions, but those that I have implemented, have already improved the performance of my relatively old laptop. Thanks for the course and course notes Hannah and best of luck for the future."

- Peter Welsh, Lyttleton, New Zealand

"I completed the PC computer maintenance course just recently & found it & the advisor to be informative, helpful, clear & very pleasant in her manner. These things are important when you are NOT computer literate so that it gives you confidence to ask questions especially, when in a shared course situation. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone that has a computer to sign up for this course to learn what you can do to help yourself SAVE money."

- Bella Jonas, Auckland, New Zealand